Kitchen Table Business Idea: Become a mum blogger

More and more mums are turning to blogging, and many are making money from it too. If you’d like to become a mum blogger, get products to review and receive payments for sponsored posts, read on:

Many mums start to blog about something they have a passion for, and for many that is parenthood. You might want to write about your daily life, or you might focus on a particular interest such as baking, making, photography . There are no limits as to the topics you can cover: it is up to you and I’d advise you start writing and see!

Once you’ve made a start, in order to get approaches from PR companies offering products or advertisers, you’ll need to persist. I have heard of mums being approached after 3 months, but it can take longer. Make sure you join sites like British Mummy Bloggers and submit your blog to relevant directories. And blog regularly: whether you write 1, 2 or 3 posts a week, as long as you stick to that schedule your readers know when to check in. If you need some inspiration, create a plan for your blog so you post photos on Sunday, write about something that is going on in your life on Tuesday, and share a recommendation on Thursday, say.

Potential sponsors and businesses will want to see that not only do your blog regularly, but that you also have a growing readership. I created an email list so I can interact with readers in more than one way: people seem to take action from a newsletter far more than a post! Find an email service provider – Mailchimp offers extensive no-cost services – and embed a sign up form in your sidebar. Even if you just take time to do a roundup of your best posts once a month you will be drawing readers back in. If you run competitions, promote them to your list to give people more reasons to visit.

If you want to write reviews, create a ‘reviews’ page which explains that you are willing to review products, maybe outlines the ages of your kids, and explains how to get in touch. Start by reviewing products that you have bought and days out that you go on so people can see your style. Some bloggers use Kids4Media and Response Source to request items for review. If you’d like to earn through advertising and sponsored posts, again you should create a page which outlines your policy.

These are just a couple of ideas: learn all about starting and growing a blog with a free 35 week eCourse at

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  • blogging is a really good idea but it is also important to choose a good blog platform. Using some of these pre-made rubbish templates can make sure your blog is never found by search engines.

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