Book Review: Where has my little girl gone? by Tanith Carey

I got to a Womens group every few weeks where we talk about issues that go slightly more in depth than the usual talk at toddler groups! This term we’re looking at ‘Being a Princess’ so it was really relevant when I got asked to review Tanith Carey’s, ‘Where Has My Little Girl Gone?’. The ‘princess’ theme came out of all the Royal wedding hoo-ha, discussions about what our daughters think of being a princess, and the changes Kate Middleton will have to cope with. ‘Where Has My Little Girl Gone?’ was a really helpful book to look at, both for the mums of daughters and for those with sons in our group.


The book looks to address how, “from every angle, our daughters are bombarded by messages about looks and sexuality which they are too young to understand. Even primary school girls feel pressured to conform to a thin, ‘sexy’ ideal, leading to self-destructive behaviour, ranging from eating disorders and self-harm to anxiety and low self-esteem. But while girls are fast-tracked though childhood, parents are being drowned out by the internet, retailers, the media and peer pressure. We are left feeling panicky and helpless.”


The key things to take from the book are in the sections on confidence building and helping your child grow their own (positive) identity. Every mum will find something useful in this book makes you think about the TV your children watch, the toys they play with and their role models, and gives you practical ideas to help your children grow up with a positive self image. Well worth investing in for any mum … or dad!
Where Has My Little Girl Gone?: How to Protect Your Daughter from Growing Up Too Soon can be purchased via Amazon priced at £7.99.


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