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If you’re a blogger, do you ever get offered things to review that come at just the right time? I hasn’t realised quite how bored I was with cooking the same old meals until Candy asked me to try out Spoonfed Suppers. The site claims to “take the grind out of meal planning, shopping and cooking, whilst still savouring simple, delicious, home-cooked meals”, and I’ve found it a great way to get out of a rut of only creating meals in a very limited range of “what the children will eat”. Read on to find out more. 

We’ve been trying Spoonfed supper’s recipes for the last few weeks. In their ‘Vital Spoon’ subscription service you get 7 seasonal recipes suggested for the week ahead, plus a clever shopping list that brings together everything you need, either for the whole week or day by day. You can delete recipes that don’t appeal and browse the whole collection for new ones: the shopping list will adapt. I’ve found it easiest to print off the whole week’s recipes in one go, but you can also look at the email that comes through each day for a reminder.

The recipes are easy to cook after work and you can opt for ‘family friendly’ recipes as well as those suitable for different diets and health conditions. There is a great emphasis on getting your 3 portions of veg in your evening meal, and DH’s only complaint was, “What no puddings!?” The site has a handy glossary if you’re unfamiliar with any of the ingredients or cooking terms. I now own a bottle of Agave syrup – but you’ll have to try out Spoonfed Suppoers if you want to know how to use it!

It took me a while to get into the habit of ordering food that fitted in with the recipes but I’ve got all sorts of exciting herbs and spices, the sort of things I’d been using less and less because of the children’s preferences for plain food! It hasn’t been entirely straightforward introducing the family to a new set of meals, but is worth it. DH is pleased to have some different food on the menu for a change, and I’ve been surprised that the children will eat quinoa and asparagus. DD, 9, has been the most resistant to change… she’d much rather have sausages than pork ratatouille with her jacket potato. I’ve been moderately flexible with her: see above left where she got fishfingers instead of salmon!

When you join Spoonfed Suppers you can add in the size of your family so recipes are calculated for the right number of people, and you can alter this by the day if not everyone will eat at every meal. This has lead to some issues with scaling the recipes: it is a- very helpful, but if you like to follow recipes exactly (rather than in my ‘sling it all in’ kind of way) and have a family of five you may go slowly mad when expected to add one and 1/4 green peppers, one and 1/4 onions AND one and 1/4 cloves of garlic to the dish!

So, if you’re inspired to get out of your culinary rut, you can opt for a free daily recipe and shopping list sent by email as part of the Sparky Spoon subscription. Or, opt for the even more fabulous (premium) membership Vital Spoon which is personalised:

  • suppers handpicked to suit your health needs and lifestyle. Maybe you’re coeliac, pregnant or feeding a family. Maybe you don’t like pork or dairy. Whatever the case, you need a plan that fits you.
  • We do the food moderating so you can ditch the diet and eat perfectly for your needs and look and feel amazing.
  • interactive online features  are designed to make supper planning, shopping and cooking a complete breeze.
  • the plan is seasonal, making your suppers fresher, tastier and cheaper.

These benefits are now available as part of the Vital Spoon membership for only £3.75 a month or £35 a year. Is it value for money? I’d say yes. The fee is equivalent to buying a foodie magazine each  month, and although you don’t get the editorial, you get the same inspiration but personalised for your family. As a busy working mum it saves me time having to do meal planning and I can easily input the shopping list into Tesco’s online service and get it all delivered, saving even more time. To start with I spent a little more refreshing my spice rack, but now I’d say I save money. I wouldn’t say that I have taken every product or service I have reviewed and made it part of family life, but I think I will continue with Spoonfed Suppers, at least until I’ve got the children enjoying a wider range of meals and have my interest in cooking back.

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