Cybermummy – what a weekend!

Carol and Erica at Giraffe

I spent the weekend in London to attend Cybermummy, which was another great day out. We made a weekend of it, in fact, so that Erica and I could talk business, and we had a fab friday night out with Carol at Giraffe on the South Bank.

Houses of Parliament in the rain

I’d hoped for fab weather and a sunny stroll after dinner followed by great views of London at twilight from the London Eye. In fact what we got was a wet evening – but the London Eye was still a great thing to do after dinner!

Erica and I stayed overnight at the Travelodge which was closest to The Brewery, the Cybermummy venue, while Carol lived it up at The Hoxton: we’re booking there for next time as she had actual pictures on her walls plus a chaise longue while we had beds just about big enough for a 9 year old! The Travelodge won for proximity to Starbucks, however, and we bumped into LOTS of mum bloggers both there and at the hotel.

One THE DAY itself, we were at the Brewery bright and early for a 8.30 start – there was so much to fit in. Susanna, Sian and Jen had done a fab job together with the events team and right from the first moment we were handed goodie bags from the Kids One Stop Shop, greeted by a green Butlins dinosaur, and offers coffee and the ubiquitous PR cup cakes. (Why PR cupcakes? It just seems that you can’t attend an events where PRs are present without being offered the biggest, glossiest, cupcakes, thick with icing and themed decorations. I’m not complaining and have learnt the hard way just how few I can eat without feeling sick!)

We browsed the exhibitors stands: highlights included the Disney stand and the Lego Club stand, both of which had ‘child’s bedroom’ themes. I schmoozed  with the editor of the Lego club magazine who was reassuringly just as enthusiastic about creating the magazine (which is free, btw) as my children are about receiving it.

Carol at Cybermummy

The talks were great in the main: Sarah Brown is an excellent speaker and hit the note just right to appeal to the audience. The image of Carol, right, really sums up just how many people were using their iPads and phones to live blog and tweet while the speakers were on. Hot device of the day? The iPhone charger was definitely the most needed gadget, and next year’s exhibitor who has a row of chargers on offer will definitely have the busiest stall.

Lunch was very much set up to encourage continued browsing with funky takeaway containers for main course and dessert. The recharge room was a great destination to eat it in. I’d had a shoulder massage early in the day, while make up artists and hairdressers were also on hand for pamper sessions.

By that stage, I’d taken on board enough new learning, and made the most of the chance to network with contacts from BecomeaMumpreneur, Mums Business Club etc. The highlight of these events really is the chance to meet face to face with people who you contact online but never otherwise see!

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