The Holidays Have Started!

You can tell that the holidays have started here. From early in the morning our house is alive with bleeps and tinny electronic music. In the past, DD has been the only one with a DS, but we recently bought a couple second hand from a friend and now all three children have one. J is obsessed with MarioKart, and due to the wonderful way these things link up, K, 2, can watch D and J playing racing games on the oldest DS.

All three children having a  DS is a real sign of how your values get eroded by having more children. Admittedly K only has one by default: if there had only been one second hand DS on offer I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to get another. But with D, we only allowed her one for her 7th birthday. J has one at 5 and 10 months, and K will never remember not having a DS.

And it gets more complicated than that. Once, D was happy with her DS. The second hand bundle included a DS and a DSi, so she was keen to upgrade and have the better model. Now she has seen the Nintendo dsi xl and has something else to aspire to, alongside owning a mobile phone, an ipod and an ipad! And only today Erica was telling me that they hardly play with the Wii now they have an Xbox Kinect. We’re still using the Wii – albeit amid battles because we have 2 handsets and three children. Is it good for them to have one of everything each? My feeling is that learning to share (the hard way) and not always having everything builds life skills. What do you think?



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