Brand new collective buying website for families is launched

As the summer holidays fast approach, the prospect of keeping the kids occupied for six weeks can seem daunting for many parents. And for those families with more than one child to look after the costs can certainly add up.


Well help is at hand for parents with the launch of a new collective buying website; LittleBird. Specifically created for families, LittleBird brings you unbeatable deals from great brands to make family life easier and more affordable.


A great source of inspiration for family activities, LittleBird helps parents and guardians save time and money by sending the best offers directly to you daily, so you will never miss out on a deal.


And as the name suggests it’s about word-of-mouth, sharing the deals with friends about the best things to do, buy, eat and see with your family. Fans of social networking can also find out first via Facebook and Twitter as well as help to spread the word to others.


LittleBird can give you access to discounts of up to 50% off from a variety of companies including The Design Museum, 37 Degrees, Gymboree, Fine Burger Co., Chatterpants, Treejumpers, Lee Valley Farms, Aquababies, The Puppet Barge, Bekonscot Model Village and Dinosaurs Unleashed.


Commenting on the launch of LittleBird, founder Sarah Wuttke said: “We have had a fantastic response from businesses and already have some great deals on board.


“We are offering a premium site to businesses and users where they can get great deals from the best brands. “


For more information please contact or on 07980 615 563

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  • I’m afraid that this online business will not be around next year. The idea works well for a few bricks n’ mortar companies selling brands we all normally buy. The biggest mistake that this start-up is making is in the assumption that busy mums are stupid. They are not. The company does not offer anything of value to mums. The savings are in the form of “vouchers”. Busy mums stopped falling for that trick many years ago. It works like this. The web site asks you to actually pay £10 for a voucher that is supposedly worth £20. It is actually worth £0.00 because the unheard-of brand goods are all marked-up well beyond RRP. You’ll see the same goods in the £1 shop costing 85% less. So, buy the same stuff from the £1 shop and save £100.

  • Hi Russell, I am sorry you feel like that. Being a busy mum myself I would never presume busy mums are stupid. At LittleBird we have worked with some fabulous family friendly businesses who want to let mums and dads out there know about their businesses. They can do this through LittleBird by offering an introductory discount and not having to spend money up front to do it. All the companies we work with are discounting off their fully available price list. I don’t think you will find our offers in the £1 shop, if you do let me know.

  • Anything that helps mums and dads save money is great in y book. Will pop over and have a look!

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