Holiday ideas: Lego cars

We’ve been eyeing up the new Lego Cars sets for a while. We love Lego, and DS2 is the biggest Cars fan: he takes 3 different Lightening McQueens to bed with him and asks to watch the movie and ‘Mater’s Tall Tales’ two or three times every day .(No, he doesn’t actually get to watch it three times… well, not most days!) So, when we were sent the Ultimate Build Lightening McQueen we were really pleased to try it out.

The car set is designed for age 7-12, so J, 5 and I worked together and built it in an hour (I should have been cooking dinner, but Lego won out!).  The car is an excellent piece of construction, brilliantly designed by Lego as usual. It retails for £20-£30, which is no small investment, but I can see it is going to have loads of play value. The key questions is whether J will be allowed to play with it: K, 2 has taken hold and refuses to let anyone else come near right now! I may need to get the smaller version too, which is suitable for age 5+ and costs around £4.99

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