Three key tips to help you make your business blog a success

Have you seen other people blogging to bring in new business and wondered if could work for you? Blogging can be a great way to find people interested in the area your business covers,  build relationships and make sales, but you need to know how to do it. Just writing promotional blog posts doesn’t work … but what does? Here are three key tips to help you make your business blog a success:


  1. Share your expertise. Your blog is a place to show how you and your business can solve people’s problems. Write answers to FAQs and have case studies of people who your business has helped. Use titles like ‘how do I…[insert common problem facing your clients or customers]’ as this is the sort of phrase people will search for on Google. By sharing your best advice people will begin to trust you and respect what you offer.
  2. Have a way to capture people’s email addresses, and incentives to get them to share. Links to products in your online store within blog posts are a great way to make some sales, but you also need an email list if you are to really maximise the benefits of having lots of people reading your blog. Have an incentive – a free report or eVoucher as a reason for people to sign up. Once people are on your email list you can share further great resources with them, and then every three or four emails make them an incredible offer that they have to act fast to take advantage of. Don’t feel this always has to be a discount: you might only have a limited number of something on offer.
  3. Take all the help you can get with your blog. Get customers involved and give them the chance to share their views on your site. Get support to improve your blogging skills on the free ACEBlogger eCourse. You’ll get lessons straight to your inbox over 21 weeks teaching you how to make your blog really bring in the business.


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