Holiday ideas: is stamp collecting still a great hobby?

Did you collect stamps when you were a child? My father was a great stamp collector and tried to encourage my sister and I to collect stamps too. It appealed for a while, and I still have a number of volumes of his collections, so I was interested to be sent some of the new Thomas the Tank Engine stamps. Thomas appeals to so many small boys and I wonder if these stamps will reignite the enthusiasm for collecting?


Dh collected stamps too, or, to be more precise, his aunt bought first day covers for him to collect. There seems to be a theme there – adults encouraging children to collect! And, in his turn, DH thinks it might be nice for J, 5 to start collecting stamps too.


Have your children collected stamps – boys or girls and at what age? Let me know if stamp collecting is a 21st century hobby to keep the kids happy this holidays or if it is simply not interesting when compared to computer games?







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