Tips on how to sell to retailers

Di Mayze, 36 was on maternity leave when she invented the BuggyTug.  Following a reasonably stressful homebirth during Nottingham’s worst  power cut for 22 years  Di was looking forward to some downtime with her new baby and getting to know Nottingham where she had moved a month before her son was born.  However it wasn’t to be and when Di’s second hand Bugaboo arrived she was upset to see it had been really badly treated and quickly ordered a new pram.  When her new pram arrived she realised that she had become quite reliant on the pram wrist strap that came with her first pram and set about looking for one.  At a similar time there was a hideous incident on the news where a baby in its pram had rolled under a train (fortunately was fine!) but Di realised that there was a market for mums to buy a separate strap to offer reassurance when out and about.

Prior to becoming a mumpreneur Di worked in glossy magazines for nine years before leaving to do an MBA where she then went on to dunnhumby who run Tesco Clubcard as Senior Client Director.


Her tips are on how to sell to retailers?


It can be hard to know where to start when approaching buyers.  Trade Shows are a great way to meet lots of buyers in one go but if you want to get started many buyers are happy to receive emails from you.  Below are some tips on how to approach a Buyer by email:


  • Find out the name of the buyer you need to contact and write them a personal email – you can spot a generic email a mile off!
  • Send a low res image of your product, you don’t want to block up their inbox and they can ask you for a sample or high res image if they need it
  • Buyers get hundreds of emails so stick to the point, introduce yourself and your product, state any prices or other necessary information and then sign off
  • If you don’t hear back after a week either email them again attaching the original email or give them a call.  If they say “no” thank them for their time and try someone else
  • Keep in touch with your buyers, give them updates of new products or any awards won and offer support to help shift your product
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