New twist on children’s flash cards helps build family ties

A mum has put a new twist on traditional children’s flash cards to help children get to know their family members better.  The award winning personalised flash cards from Who Loves Me help babies, toddlers and children learn more about their extended family who they may not see frequently, while encouraging communication and language skills.


“The days of living down the road from your family are largely gone, with many children only seeing grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins a few times a year or less,” explains Lucy Morley, the founder of Who Loves Me. “I created these cards after I realised it was more important for my son to be able to identify his grandparents as opposed to a ball or sheep!”


The cards have a photo on the front while on the back of the card is a brief description of that person. For example, a picture of Granddad could be on the front with the description, ‘Granddad likes fishing’ on the back. All of the pictures, names and words are uploaded by the customer on the easy to use website.






For babies, the cards are visually stimulating, help with family and friend recognition, and introduce first words. For toddlers, the cards are a fun new toy that teaches them about their family, while learning different colours, jungle animals and new vocabulary. They can also find the hidden heart in each of the animals. For children, the cards are a helpful reading aid and an excellent conversation starter. They make a great personalised gift for Christmas, birthdays and christenings.


Who Loves Me? cards give you all the educational value and interactive fun of a set of flash cards, but with the added benefits that they are unique to you and teach your child about something very important – who loves them! The cards have just won three awards in the 2011 Loved By Parents Awards – winning Gold for Best Baby Gift, Gold for Best Baby Print Product and Silver for Best Innovative Idea.


The cards have undergone thorough CE safety tests to meet European safety standards. They have none of the harmful chemicals that photos have, making them safe if they end up in little people’s mouths. They’re available online from You can buy individual cards for £1.99 each or a pack of cards for £11.99 (8 cards) or £17.99 (16 cards) which come in their own presentation box.

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