Book Review: More to life than shoes by Nadia Finer and Emily Nash

Modern life is rubbish, so to speak. We put up with the daily grind, working for a boss that doesn’t appreciate us and getting paid the bare minimum for our efforts. If we could make the jump, most of us would leave and do something else. So what is stopping you? Money?  Fear?  Not knowing what the first step is?


But changing a career to become your own boss is more than just filling in an application form. “More to life than Shoes” by Nadia Finer and Emily Nash is here to help. It’s full of golden nuggets of advice and suggestions to help the modern woman to take the leap and engage in a passion that can become their job.


Following your passion is a recurring theme in this book, from the accountant who became a wing-walker, to the housewife who created a million-pound product from simply working out how to clean her carpets. With contributions from comedienne Gina Yashere, Government IT Czar Martha Lane Fox and Radio 1 DJ, Annie Nightingale this is a book that is difficult to put into a pigeon hole.


In fact there is so much good advice, from people who have been there and done it that there is nothing stopping the reader dipping in and out all the way through the pages. There is a winding theme that covers issues such as how to present an aura of confidence where you might have little, to being flexible in your dealings with others and knowing how to judge the tricky stages in financing a business. This is a book driven by stories that will inspire and energise you. There’s no sense in working for 40 years at something that has no meaning to you, and this book will allow you to find a way out of the dirge that is your working life.


By following a passion, creating a support structure and a professional outlook any woman can achieve their dream. But more importantly if you follow the advice of this book, you may be able to  have a fulfilling life as well as designer shoes.

Date of Review – 7th August 2011


Reviewed by Will Roney

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