Mumpreneur Profile: Jane of Craftyhobbies

Become a Mumpreneur Profile: Jane of CraftyHobbies


What’s your business name and what do you offer?

Craftyhobbies started life as an online shop 5 years ago and I have had a high street shop for 3 and half years now. I sell card making embellishments and papers etc, haberdashery, wool, lace and ribbon. I sell my ribbon by the metre , in pre cut lengths and in packs, ready made craft packs and job lots on line. I offer one to one and group card making lessons, plus “come in and craft” kids sessions throughout the holidays.

What problems were you facing in your business at the start of the year

At the beginning of the year my husband was out of work and I was trying to build my business as it was barely covering the weekly /monthly bills. My website was up and running but the visits were not turning into very many sales – maybe one or two a month.


What progress have you made in the last 8 months

After joining Become a Mumpreneur, both myself and my husband have re assessed our situation, looked at ourselves and what we do best. As a consequence my husband has found a well paid job , as a delivery driver with a friendly family run business plus has started running live music nights. We have also stopped the debt management company from looking after our debts, contacted all our creditors and are dealing with it ourselves. This saves us on average £70 a month. After reading one of the pages you suggested I’m no longer frightened to open those bills and deal with the issues before they get out of control.

My online business has been steadily improving. Now instead of orders here and there they are more regular with a couple a week at least. I have been investing the money in the BAM and ACE online business course. I have also had a friend who, in her spare time, has started to change all my very old knitting patterns into PDF format so I can sell them online. She also comes in for 4 hours a week uploading lots of products to the website, which I now know how to promote on facebook and twitter. This usually sees at least one instant order!
I have set up 4 new facebook pages and I use my twitter account too. I know what blogs can be used for and have set up 2 myself – I only announced them on facebook and twitter last week and already have been asked to do a review of a digital scrap book software – with one to give away free too . I have plans for at least 2 more – oh and my 13 year old daughter and 10 year old daughter have been inspired to start one each too.


I try to get out to at least one event a month to promote my business face to face and have now put flyer’s in local shops , flats , and around the shop location on the fence. This combined advertising effort is seeing increased footfall at the shop, with many new regular customers. Most months we are now easily covering the bills. I have tried to change my mind set and stop looking at my past failures. I no longer let other people’s opinions sway me from my decisions.

I have realised that although I have a business I do not have to be there 9 till 5 , 7days a week. I remembered that I set up my business so I could spend more time with my children, so I made the decision to close at 3.30 every day now, with plans in the pipeline to open late one evening a week for shopping and a class. This gives me chance to spend some quality time with them each day before they go to bed – something we have been lacking in since I opened the shop
I also read extracts from the books that you suggested on the course with the family and we discuss them and share ideas. This holiday my daughters have taken over the back room of the shop with a second hand boutique. We split the profits between the 4 of us. We have made approx £100 since opening 4 weeks ago. and we have very little clutter left at home – yeh !!!!

How has Become a Mumpreneur helped?
For me it has been a real learning curve. It is like I’ve found the key to my future that I’ve always been searching for .
The BAM course has got me thinking outside the box and outside of my comfort zone.
It has given me all the information that I needed in one place – that I wouldn’t have gone out to find for myself.
It is at a good pace, but as it is in e lesson form you can save them and decide when or how you want to proceed.
We now have about £100 a week extra income plus I’ve brought in an additional £1000 via Paypal

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