Positive Pregnancy App

Pregnancy is a time when women are supposed to bloom and feel at their very best. However, there’s so much to worry about when you’re expecting, it can prove to be a stressful nine months. This is especially true if it’s your first pregnancy.

Having worked with many women dealing with stress whilst going through pregnancy, clinical hypnotherapist and self-help guru Andrew Johnson has created a Positive Pregnancy app.

The recording lasts 30 minutes and is best listened to in bed last thing at night. After doing this for three weeks, most women will find that they focus less on negative issues and enjoy a more positive, stress-free pregnancy.

The app uses a combination of relaxation techniques including deep breathing, visualisation and meditation allowing women to get much more enjoyment from their pregnancy.

Commenting on Positive Pregnancy, Andrew Johnson said:

“It is hard watching people close to you worry about things like the foods they are allowed to eat, whether their test results will be normal, how their partners will feel about their changing body shape? There are so many women who need a little extra help through their pregnancy that I decided to create the app”.

Starting at just £1.99 for the app from www.withandrewjohnson.com or £9.99 for a CD, Positive Pregnancy is the perfect present for any mum-to-be.

Andrew Johnson is the creator of Deep Sleep, the top-selling app for iPhone, iPod and MP3 players.

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