Be a better friend with ChildLine’s Roller Girls

There are many challenges facing young people going back to school like learning new things and making friends – and to coincide with the new school term, ChildLine has created new content on their website around the theme of friendship to support young people anxious about going back to school. Roller Girls is a brand new ChildLine online game that allows friends to go roller skating together online and collect points along the way!

ChildLine has come up with a number of tips to help you become a better friend, know what to do if you’re feeling alone and make sure that you’re there for your friends through good and bad times.


I think my friend needs help, what do I do?

  • Try and talk to your friend and ask them to tell you what is wrong.
  • Don’t be upset if they don’t want to talk to you. It might be very difficult for them to speak about what is wrong, especially if they are scared or worried about what will happen if they do talk.
  • If there isn’t anyone they feel that they can speak to, they can call ChildLine at any time to talk to someone who can help them.

I’ve fallen out with my friend, what can I do?

  • Sometimes you and your friends may fall out. Everyone has rows with their friends, and usually you make up again soon.
  • Try talking to your friend and explain how you feel. If you have hurt them, be prepared to say sorry and find a way to make it better.
  • If your friend really doesn’t want to talk, you could ask a teacher or another adult to speak to them on your behalf and explain how you feel.

I don’t have any friends and feel really alone, what can I do?

  • Look people in the eye and smile, even if you don’t feel confident. The friendlier you are the easier it’s going to be for them to come back and be nice to you too.
  • Get involved in clubs or events at your school and talk to people there.
  • You can call us on 0800 1111 about how you feel if you are having problems with friends. We can help you find a way to feel better about your situation.

Can I contact ChildLine if my friend is having problems?

  • Yes. Part of being a good mate is helping your friends when they are having problems. If one of your mates is sad or upset, this can make you unhappy too.
  • ChildLine is here for you to talk to by phone on 0800 1111 or online at even if it isn’t you that is having problems. You can talk to us about anything that is making you sad or unhappy and we are here to listen and help you.
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