Affordable children’s bookcase helps parents with the New Year tidy-up

In the New Year, the thoughts of many parents turn to organizing and decluttering their home to create room for the new Christmas toys, and to start the year with great storage solutions to make the daily tidy-up that little bit easier.

bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox is an affordable children’s bookcase that addresses the common problem of how to store baby and toddler books. Anyone with very young children will know that they select books to read by looking at the covers. A baby or toddler sat in front of a traditional bookcase where only the spines are on display will either ignore the books, or more likely, pull them all out looking for the perfect story (and that’s assuming you have a bookshelf tall and deep enough to store the irregular formats of many children’s books). Many parents resort to piling up their children’s books on the floor, or leave them languishing at the bottom of toy boxes. It was these observations and frustrations that lead Yorkshire Mum Frances Weir, to develop bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox.
“My little boy had always loved books, but we didn’t have anywhere to store them that was accessible and inviting” Frances explains. Inspired by the low book bunkers she saw in the children’s section of her local library, Frances set about designing an affordable, eco-friendly box, specifically sized to accommodate the awkward formats of children’s books in a forward-facing manner, thus allowing babies and toddlers to independently flick through and choose the book they want to read.

A few prototypes later, and bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox was born. Made in the UK from 80% recycled extra-sturdy corrugated cardboard, the box is reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Each box stores more than 30 forward-facing books and has a low front meaning babies can see easily inside (thus more likely to choose a book over another activity). A divider separates big books and little books, so all books can be viewed.
bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox has been on the market since July 2010 and the feedback from parents and reviewers has been  overwhelming. The bookcase is delivered fully assembled and can be decorated with paint, stickers and collage, turning it into a children’s activity as soon as it arrives in its new home. And the best news? Frances is getting reports of children putting their books away after reading them, presumably as they enjoy sorting them into the compartments for big books and little books. That has to be a result!

bigbooklittlebookcardboardbox can be bought online from for just £10 with free delivery – so it also won’t break the New Year budget.

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