Top tips for Christmas rubbish – recycle!

Did you get overwhelmed by toy packaging last Christmas?  Here are some tips to help from the  British Toy & Hobby Association who believe that 80% of toy packaging can be recycled.

If you are a business owner, you need to know Why is Regular Rubbish Removal Needed for Commercial Areas? This will help you handling more wisely your waste.

It’s also wise to use a local rubbish removal service as it can be a nightmare doing it all yourself, we had to deal with an awful property in Essex recently and used a brilliant rubbish removal company from Essex who helped a huge amount, there’s no way we could have done it without them.

  1. Safety info and instructions: retain and store in a single safe place at home for future use. This also allows you to safely pass toys on to new owners.
  2. Small packaging and plastic bags: please keep away from children at all times. These will need to go directly into your bin if they cannot be recycled.
  3. Boxes: retain packaging if it doubles up as storage and keep big boxes to tidy away presents over Christmas.
  4. Cardboard and moulded pulp: break down for kerbside recycling.
  5. Plastic windows: separate from card boxes and pop the cardboard out for recycling.
  6. Plan ahead: have separate recycling and rubbish bags ready for the present opening.
  7. Wire ties: these cannot be recycled but can be reused by adults, for instance as garden ties.
  8. Plastic: blisters/windows marked PET or PETE can be recycled but check your local authority service first online.
  9. A tip tip: additional materials can be recycled at municipal recycling facilities and local tips – check local facilities online.
  10. Recycle now: for information on what you can recycle in your area visit This will help you decide which bits of toy packaging to separate out from the others such as cardboard, plain paper, printed wrapping paper, metal and various plastics.
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