Holiday anticipation

What have you got planned for the holidays? We’re action packed from Friday onwards, starting the holidays with 4 days at Butlins, courtesy of the Butlins Mum Ambassador programme.

I first went to Butlins a couple of years ago when K was a baby. It was so much better than we anticipated: a really easy holiday where we could entertain the older two and still be close enough to base to deal with a new baby. And we’ve been back once or twice a year since then. It is within a couple of hours drive from us, which is ideal for a stress free short break. We can drive via Brighton or Arundel, good places to stop for a snack. And when we get there we always find plenty to entertain the three kids, all of whom have very different interests.

Bjorn the Polar BearJ likes the football training, and K is just about older enough for the baby football classes. D can go and be semi-independent and do activities with Club Red. All the kids want to go to Papa John’s pizza place as soon as we arrive. And DH and I really loved Turners, the new restaurant at Bognor, the last time we went.

This time, the kids are all excited about the Christmas activities: we’re going to see Santa, meet Bjorn the Bear, see real reindeer and apparently there’s a snow storm in the Skyline Pavilion (see above)!


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