Really more excited than I should be over a printer!

I’m testing out a new printer. This is the second printer I’ve trialled this year, and I’m excited about two things.

First, I used to have to get DH to help me set up anything IT related. Now, either set up has got easier, or I’ve learnt stuff, but I have set the Kodak Hero 7.1 up by myself. Small triumphs! The instructions were easy to follow, the touch screen was intuitive and it is all up and running! The only think that went wrong was that I put the paper in the wrong way up first time, which was easily remedied.

Secondly, both this and the other printer I tested have the capacity to print straight from my iPhone. I didn’t really make the most of this last time around, but am definitely going to this time. I’ve looked into it a bit more, and as well as being able to print out holiday photos, which is fun, it also has business potential. You simply need an email address to send your image to, and it prints out. Just imagine, if both my business partner Erica¬†and I had cloud enabled printing we could startle each other by sending documents to print out on each other’s printers!

Incidental bit of excitement: while setting up the printer I got to scan a Microsoft Tag for the first time too! I love using the QR reader, but often find that there is little point. This time around I could scan the Microsoft Tag and import the email address for my printer into my contacts! I’m really loving how everything IT related is getting much more joined up and user friendly.

The print quality is great: we’re using the printer to print out some photos from our recent holiday to include in a photo montage which is part of Dh’s Christmas present. Will keep you posted next week on how it copes with documents and how it lives up to its claim to create 10% more pages per ink cartridge.

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