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I’ve been testing a Kodak printer this week, and looking at the claim that Kodak can save you money on ink. I started by looking at just how much I can save, compared to my current printer. According to Kodak, I can save £169.23 a year with Kodak series 10 inks. Over the average three year lifespan of a printer that would be a massive £507 (see right). You can do your own printer ink cost comparison here. Kodak say that their printers might cost a little more, but when I checked the Hero 7.1 I’m trialling cost around £169 via the Kodak site, and even less if you shop around. That seems to me to be a reasonable price for a great scanner and printer which also can print direct from your smart phone or table.

According to Kodak, their latest series 10 inks print up to 24% more black and white documents and 35% more colour documents than the industry average. Whether you’re printing for your business, producing family photos and kids works or art or, like me, doing both on the same machine, these are great savings. I didn’t realise quite how much I printed each week until I started counting up for this trial. I have to confess that, although I’m a big advocate of eBooks, I still often print things out as I find it easier to read print versions!

Since we’re al trying to make savings at the moment and make money go further, here are some more simple tips to help save on ink. Make sure you print on both sides of the paper. Print in draft when you can. Printing in black and white if you don’t actually need a colour document can save you money too.   Which found that Amazon was the cheapest place to buy printer ink overall after checking prices at a range of stores on and offline five times throughout the last year. And here are some tips from Which? on how to save paper which will help you too.

There are additional ninja tricks you can deploy too which will make your printing budget go even further. Inside your software you can quickly change some of the defaults, check out this article that shows you how to lower your printing costs using software defaults.

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