Fab Free Lego Magazine

There’s not much in life for free any more, and often when you get something for free, you can see why. The Lego kids magazines, however, show that sometimes you CAN get something great for nothing! We’ve been subscribing to the magazine for over a year now. Every few months each of the kids gets sent a 20 page magazine with puzzles, cartoons, and ideas for new Lego builds.

The magazine is produced in different editions for different age groups and the builds are easier in Lego Club Jr magazine than in the magazine for older kids. It’s a great day when D, J and K get home to find the new magazines have arrived!

Incidentally, the magazine is NOT a big plug to buy Lego: it is all full of good content and ad-free.

If you want a change from constant pestering to spend money on magazines, you can sign up for a copy at Legoclub.com

This is not a sponsored post – I just love Lego!

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