Everything changes

There’s one thing I’ve learnt about having children: nothing stays the same for very long. Any phase that you’re struggling with will soon be replaced by a fresh challenge. This term, DS1 has been promoted to key stage 2. At the kids school, that means that his classes continue until 4.15. I’ve suddenly gained almost another hour on my day. He’s now also allowed to join some of the after school activities for the older kids: he’s doing gymnastics and football which mean Mondays and Wednesdays he’s there until 5. I’m feeling strangely liberated as a result. Suddenly gaining hours of time means that some days I can do a full days work that’s actually a full day, not the usual 9-3 that fits with school hours. As I put DD and DS1 on the school bus this morning, I had a vision of the time when all three of them could be on the bus and I’d be my own woman from around 8.10 each morning!

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