New Club Penguin Magazine

This week, the kids have been having fun with the new Club Penguin magazine (£2.99).  We were sent our copies to review through the post, and within minutes of opening the magazine D had grabbed the free 7 day membership card and reactivated her penguin! I like kids magazines because they are fun and interactive and an alternative to being online all the time, so this wasn’t what I’d hoped for!

Having said that, once everyone looked at the magazine, it was great. It’s hard to find a magazine for D – at 9 she’s past most of the BBC children’s magazines, and she’s not yet into the magazines aimed at teen girls. The Club Penguin magazine appealed to both D and J, 6: both of them really enjoyed completing the puzzles and quizzes which linked in well to the website. K, 2, liked the pictures and can now say ‘Puffle’!

What are the alternatives? K is always very happy with a copy of CBeebies magazine which I think is outstanding in the way it encourages children to get active, make, bake, craft and more. J is also fairly easily sorted whether it is with a Dr Who magazine or whoever his latest favourite superhero is. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Lego Club magazine which has a couple of advantages: firstly it is free! Secondly, it inspires the kids to go and play Lego which to my mind is slightly better for them than Club Penguin! D was unimpressed, however, with the new Lego Girl magazine which came out recently – she’d like to stick to the non gender specific magazine. We are going to look out for a copy of the Jacqueline Wilson magazine as something else that might appeal to a 9 year old girl.

Have you read the Club Penguin magazine? What magazines do your kids like or hate?

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