My husband is reading my magazine. Is yours?

Latest Issue of Psychologies MagazineMy husband reads my Psychologies magazine. Now, don’t misunderstand: I’m not married to some self actualised mindful man who is deeply into self development. He freely admits that he reads it for the celeb interviews: Psychologies tends to pick classy brunette actresses to interview, right up Dh’s street. But I’m wondering if this is a growing trend, something that Psychologies is actually seeking to promote.

Now, I know that journalists pick case studies that tie in to the magazine’s target audience. Generally, that means that women’s magazines have women case studies. But in the current issue of Psychologies, in their dossier on stress, the case studies are Kysha, 28, Stella, 36, and Matthew, 44. And there have been male case studies in quite a few issues now. Plus, towards the front of the magazine, in every issue, there is a column by 47 year old dad David Baddiel. This issue he writes about a charity he supports and touches on the school run.

So, is Psychologies trying to attract male readers, or simply acknowledging that there are more and more men like my husband sneaking a peak at their features? Does your husband read your magazines too?

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  • Fab article Antonia, my husband will on occasion take it with him to look at the pictures but that tends to be only if he hasn’t got anything of his own!

  • It’s Clay shooting or fishing magazine’s for the boy’s in the house and Psychologies, Delicious and Good Food for me, though both my two children like the foodie mag’s too. My husband call’s my Psychologies ‘Mad mag’ so I think there is little chance of a flip through from him though I do agree he may be missing out!!!

  • It’s not Dh’s first choice of magazine, but like yours he’ll read it if he’s not got anything else!

  • I’ve never caught him…maybe I’ll start spying. Mind you he always has his own so I don’t think so. Perhaps I’ll interrogate him tonight and find out.

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