Book Review Round Up: Books for Little Ones 3-6 years

We’ve been rather inundated with books for review, so here’s a round up of some of the books that K, nearly 3, has enjoyed. Top favourite for bed time reading is Hello Kitty – My First Cookbook. K is very impressed with a book that has (nearly) his name in the title, and LOVES anything about food, just like his big sister. (He likes the Orchard Toys Shopping List, Crazy Chefs and Lunch Box Game games too!) I don’t know if we’ll actually make the recipes – the instructions are better in Annabel’s Kitchen: My First Cookbook
, but we’re having lots of fun both with this and another Hello kitty book, the Best Friends Activity Book. It’s more aimed at 4 year old girls I’d guess than 3 year old boys, but the illustrations really appeal to K and he likes all the characters.

I’ve also introduced K and J to their first picture Paddington book, Paddington Goes for Gold. I suspect this is an unofficial Olympic tie-in. The Browns and the duffle-coat wearing bear take part in a sports day. Michael Bond’s stories are still as strong now as when I was a child, and I hope that the boys will enjoy many more Paddington stories.

Now for a couple of books with characters/authors that are new to me. I’ve enjoyed Emma Chichester Clark’s Blue Kangaroo books, and now we have a copy of Lulu and The Best Cake Ever, the first in the Wagtail Town series of books. I loved the doggy characters, and more importantly, so did the boys, immediately picking which was their favourite one.

Finally, a book from a brand new author, Adma Black, perhaps better know to readers of this blog as the founder of Feather and Black. We’ve been sent Adam’s new book, David the Dinosaur, which accompanies the growing range of Feather and Black children’s products. David the Dinosaur eats little boys, and I can just imagine Adam scaring his 4 sons at bedtime with this story before taking the step of getting it illustrated and turned into a fun and funny book. In a nice touch there are quiz questions at the end of the book, asking children to spot chameleons through out the story, find other animals, and including a joke or two.

What books do your small boys like? Let me have some recommendations please as my two are turning in to voracious readers!

Next week I’ll be back with books that D, 10 loves at the moment.

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