Book Review Round Up: Books for Growing Girls age 8-11

D, 10, is very decided about the sort of books she likes. Each book has to compete with sports, TV, computer games like Club Penguin, Bin Weevils and Moshi Monsters, arts, crafts, fashion … she is a girl with many interests. In this post I’m going to share a few books that she has read and liked.

First, cookbooks. D loves cooking and she has more cookbooks I think than your average 10 year old. She’s ambitious too. Right now she wants to cook thinks from Marshmallow Madness!: Dozens of Puffalicious Recipes. Personally, I’m daunted by the idea of making marshmallows, but not D. Cupcakes are her bread and butter (She just got a Mini Cupcake Makerfor her birthday !), and she’s also up for concocting the occasionalWhoopie Pie . I prefer it when she gets inspiration from Top 100 Pasta Dishes as then we end up with food for supper, not small boys with a sugar rush.

Still on the baking theme, the latest fiction book to get D’s seal of approval, (Can I take it to school for my reading book mum?) is The Bliss Bakery book
It is a perfect combination of family story, baking and magic … and it looks like there are going to be three in the series which is great news. D is also a massive fan of Jacqueline Wilson and will read all her books, watch Tracey Beaker, we even went to an author event a few weeks ago. She spurns Enid Blyton, which I’m quite relieved about!

So, that’s what D likes at the moment: what are your girls reading? Share your book recommendations please, and I’ll be back next week with what J, 6 loves to read.

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