Book Review: The Joy of Work by Peter Warr and Guy Clapperton

I’ve read and enjoyed another of Guy Clapperton’s books, A Guide To Using Social Media,which is why I selected this book to review. This book is far more than a quick ‘how to’ or self help guide. With the academic input of Peter Warr it goes in great depth into what makes you happy at work.

The book first focuses on the features of a job that affect your happiness, then looks at the way you think and how this plays a factor too. Finally, in the last chapter, it looks at how to change job conditions to increase happiness and then how to achieve the same end by ‘changing you rather than changing your job’.

While written with the reader in mind as the person who wants to improve their happiness at work, I think in fact this book would be best for managers, career coaches and people in Human Resources who want to understand the factors that lead to happy or unhappy staff and employees. However, there are useful exercises to fill in to help you assess exactly which areas of work are causing you unhappiness or, like the ‘happiness wheel’, to better understand your feelings.

There are references for each chapter and links to printable versions of the questionnaires, again making this the ideal book for anyone who helps others improve how they feel about their work. If that sounds like you, this book is well worth serious study.

The Joy Of Work – buy online at Amazon

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