Memories are made of?

This morning I was with a group of friends. We meet every couple of weeks to talk about things, and Judy brought up the topic of spending time with your children. We debated the merits of structured activities (spending 15 minutes every day with each child) versus letting the child lead the way in what they wanted to do, and whether it was good for kids to be bored. I was very much on the side that boredom was important for kids to help them develop their own resources to amuse themselves.

Do you have structured plans for spending time with your children?

One of the other things that came up was about our own memories of childhood. What do you remember about spending time with your parents? All of us had definite memories of time with our parents during family holidays. I have vivid memories of time in the garden at home (and it always seemed sunny back then!)

What memories of childhood are strongest for you? 

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