Do your kids collect?

J's Blue Nose Friends Collection
Gogos - just made for spending pocket money on

I’ve just been sent some of the latest collectible stickers from Club Penguin, and I admit that my heart sank slightly when I saw what was in the package. The last thing my kids need is something else to collect! The shops seem full of chances to spend money on the latest crazes – we have Lego minifigures, and J has just started to collect Match Attax, as that’s what his friends do. In the past D has collected small plastic creatures, Gogo’s Crazy Bones.

J's Blue Nose Friends Collection

Looking back, though, I’m sure that my sister and I pestered my parents for similar things – I remember collecting Panini stickers for the film of Annie – but I also collected postcards, stamps, series of books as well as products specifically marketed to kids to collect. I spent many years adding to my collections of Blue Peter annuals and Chalet School books. DH has some cigarette card collections from his parents I think, and refuses to let me get rid of any of the many books we own.

Some of the Lego

I’m not sure if collecting is something that every family does, or if we just have the collecting bug! We tend to support the children if they want to real all of a series of books. J has gradually acquired all the books in the SWITCH series (small boys who get transformed into insects – gripping tales for 6-8 year olds!) and I often buy a set of books from the Book People because it seems like a good way to get a complete collection. In one way, I look forward to having more books and music in digital form – though that might simply be a way to hide the size of out collections! Dd is already counting how many songs she has on her iPod.

Is your home disappearing under everyone’s collection, or is it just us?

A tiny section of our bookshelves
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  • Do you remember the pogs craze? That’s the one I can remember – but I remember gogos too.

    I would like a book collection but you can’t fit many on my ONE allocated shelf (the rest are taken up with Alex’s dvds *shakes fist*).

    Erin collects what appears to be a load of crap to me…I try and throw stuff away as often as possible!

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