Review: Lego Duplo Farm

We love Duplo. Read this review on the Lego Duplo Farm, a great toy for toddlers with lots of educational value.

K and I have been enjoying the latest Duplo that we’ve been sent, a Duplo farm set. As usual with Duplo, it is well made, just right for little hands to build. What has been improving recently, is the little brochure included with the box. Now, you get some great ideas for other ways to use your Duplo blocks alongside building a farm! You can play games like ‘which one is bigger?’, sort the shapes into colours, and make noises with the animals. K sang ‘Old MacDonald’ without any prompting, using the animals as he made the noises.

We still have Duplo that my sister and I had as a child: the plastic used in Lego seems to be incredibly long lasting, so I’d definitely recommend this as a toy that will last from first child to last. The more inventive shapes and characters that have been developed in recent years really add to the play value. K has really enjoyed playing with the farmer and his tractor. The set is just right for K, who is 3 and 3 months, to be able to build successfully. We added in our own flat board which made it easier for him to keep the fences upright.

If you like the Lego Duplo Farm, you might also like the Duplo Creative Sorter – follow the link for our review. For more about Duplo, plus some fun games for little ones, visit

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