Are Your Experiencing Lifestyle Creep?

I was reading a post by the lovely WillowBirdBaking about lifestyle creep, which she explains as the phenomenon where luxuries begin to feel like necessities. Have you experienced this: you started off with supermarket skincare, but are now hooked on a brand, for example? Talking it over with a friend the other day, I decided that many parents experience the reverse. Before kids, you have nice clothes, a tidy flat, and money to spend on going out. After children, and this seems to increase the more kids you have, you realise one day that everything you owned is damaged, broken, sticky or covered in fingerprints. Instead of your lifestyle improving and luxuries becoming necessities, you find that you’ve down graded everything, from food (Aldi or Lidl), to clothes (supermarkets and sales) to holidays (camping or caravanning).

On a day to day basis, parents just get on with it: kids are worth it, aren’t they? But I think it’s worth noticing the change in the way you live too. It can get depressing if you feel that you live in a permanent muddle, with no way out, if you feel like you’re getting less rather than more.

What to do about it? Be aware of your surroundings and how they affect you. Decide on the treats you can afford. Throw out broken things, and decide that sometimes it is better to have fewer possessions!

Are you affected by lifestyle creep? What do you do about it?

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