Want to write an illustrated book?

At Britmums Live, I did a talk about creating your own eBook, and at the end took time to answer questions. The questions went on right into lunchtime, and a high proportion of the people who spoke to me wanted to create picture books of one sort or other – one group were producing a fund raising recipe book with lovely images, another lady had a colouring book about birth (with a twist!). Creating eBooks that mainly focus on text is relatively easy. It is much costlier to self publish print picture books, but people do it none-the-less. It can be hard to work out the ‘how to’ and economics of it though. This started me exploring what to do if you want to write and publish your own picture book. Today I’m interviewing Allan Plenderleith, author of the Smelly Sprout and other books for children as the first of a series of interviews with people who have done creative things in this area. I’ll post the results of the interview in a few days and you can read how Allan has moved from simply creating books to offering a number of fabulous kids story apps too.

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  • I will keep an eye out for this as I’m considering creating an illustrated poetry book – in my spare time while juggling everything else! Ha ha! 🙂

  • LOL Peggy – in one way I know you have about as much spare time as I do. In another, though, the phrase ‘busy people get more done’ springs to mind. If you want to create an illustrated poetry book, I have every confidence that you will!

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