Things I didn’t know about kids TV and Disney

Before Britmums Live, I went to lunch with some of the folks from Disney to talk about Disney Jr and their other kids TV channels. It was really interesting to hear about what goes in to making the shows. K and J love the mix of programmes on Disney Jr – shows like Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Handy Manny and Special Agent Oso have a real appeal for small boys. Here are some of the things I didn’t know or hadn’t realised before the lunch:

  1. The shows are tried and tested on kids in nurseries (in the US) before they are completed to get ‘audience reaction’.
  2. Disney Jr uses a panel of academic experts to inform the child development aspects of its programmes.
  3. There’s no advertising on Disney Jr (which was Disney Playhouse until last year). I had spotted this, because I get far fewer ‘I want’s compard to when the kids are watching Milkshake!
  4. This is a new Disney XD channel which is full of action, fun, superheroes and cartoons for boys and girls who hate pink! I’ll be pointing that out to D when she moans there’s nothing on TV for her.
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