7 Reasons Why Going Back to Butlins is Brilliant

We’re off to Butlins again very soon, and everyone is looking forward to it. Why do we think Butlins makes a great family holiday? Here are my top 7 reasons:

  1. There’s always something to do, rain or shine. You can have a totally different holiday experience depending on the weather, but there is plenty to do when the weather isn’t great. Make more use of the pool, crafts and entertainment  – or if it is sunny enjoy the beach and outdoor sport.
  2. There’s always something new to do. At 10, D is definitely interested in doing something different every visit, and there’s always something to entertain her. This time, the big news is that the Wave hotel is open with it’s indoor entertainment area and Kindle library, she’ll be testing out the climbing wall and go karts and one or two other activities she’s been too young for up til now.
  3. … And there are always some favourites. We also love the fact that some things stay the same at Butlins. Family friendly is at the heart of Butlins, which makes a big difference. The kids love the character shows, Splash Waterworld, the free fairground rides for little ones. Knowing we can revisit these favourites means I’m sure the holiday will be a winner.
  4. It’s easy. Our last holiday abroad left me needing a week to recover. With Butlins I know I’ll start the school holidays with an actual break for mum. It’s easy for us to get to, check in is hassle free, and the kids are always entertained so I can relax.
  5. The food suits us down to the ground. We’ve opted to stay in one of the three hotels at Bognor, which means we get breakfast and dinner provided. Breakfasts are always great: D loves the treat of a cooked breakfast, K eats lots of pastries and J stick to his favourite cereal. There’s plenty of choice for dinner too, so I can get a real break knowing everyone is catered for.
  6. Beyond the hotel meals, there are lots of places on site to eat. It’s easy to grab a coffee, get a kids sandwich pack, or discover Bar Rosso for innovative and delicious lunches. There’s Papa John’s which the kids love for pizza, and Turners if you want a special evening meal. Lots of choice, everyone’s happy!
  7. Butlins is part of the Great British Seaside experience. Right on the beach, you can splash in the sea knowing that you have a lovely warm room to go back to!

What makes a great holiday for you?

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