Cooking with Kids: How to Make a Fruity Hat

Today’s ‘Food on Fridays’ post comes via a link up between Club Penguin, Innocent Smoothies, and Amy Johnson of! This inventive trio have come up with a crazy holiday activity for all of you who have little Club Penguin fans, as well as for any mum who’s looking for ways to get kids into fruit!

f you can pick up a couple of melons you can make fruity hats, then whizz everything up into yummy fruit smoothies!

Tutti Frutti Hat 

How-to Instructions



  • Honeydew Melon
  • Apple
  • Assortment of berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries or raspberries)
  • Banana
  • Cucumber
  • Lime

*Note that some fruit (like apples) will rust quickly when cut. You can slow the process by brushing lemon juice over the exposed interior of the fruit.

You will also need the following materials:

  • Cocktail sticks
  • Scissors
  • String
  • 1x Paper Bowl
  • Kitchen knife


  • Ice cream scoop


1)      Cut the honeydew melon in half length wise and hull out both halves (save the filling and use to make smoothie recipes later). Pat the insides of the melon halves dry with kitchen paper.

2)      Cut thin apple slices so you have varying sizes, stack the slices and slide a toothpick through to hold together, turn and fan them out.

3)      Use a paper bowl to line the inside of one half of the melon. Trim any excess paper bowl so that it fits snugly inside the melon. This will stop any melon juice from getting in your hair!

4)      Using a cocktail stick (or scissors), pierce a small hole on both sides of the melon, piercing through the paper bowl protective layer.

Take two lengths of string, enough to tie the string under your chin in a bow. Push one string through the left hole using a cocktail stick and tie securely, do the same on the right side and securely tie securely again.

5)      Now take the other half of your emptied melon shell and cut in half lengthwise to use as a base for decorating your hat.  Use 2 cocktail sticks to pierce and securely attach the cut melon shell to your hat.

*Be careful not to pierce the cocktail sticks too far through the base of the hat. The cocktail sticks should not go through the paper bowl as this is there to protect your head from the sticks and any melon juice.

6)      Now it’s time to get creative!

Using a selection of berries, slide each piece on to the sticks to decorate as you like. Slice small pieces of banana, apple, lime or cucumber and attach each piece to the base of your hat using cocktail sticks.  Make sure the pieces are not too big as the hat will become very heavy and hard to wear.

This is what we achieved….


This summer on August 22nd Club Penguin will be transformed into a tropical fruit mecca when the island’s summer party – The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit.

Club Penguin has teamed up with innocent to promote healthy eating choices and celebrate the benefits of fruit, making fruit even more fun for kids.  You can now pick up unique codes on kids packs of innocent smoothies and juices to unlock some very special fruity accessories.  From strawberry costumes, an orange MP3 player and even kiwi armchairs to dress your penguin and decorate your igloo, there are loads of fruity surprises to unlock in Club Penguin with innocent before The Adventure Party: Temple of Fruit has even started on August 22nd! 

To find out more about the Club Penguin and innocent partnership and upcoming activities click here.

Disclosure: we were sent the fruit for this activity by Club Penguin. 

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