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Why an Organised Kitchen is Good for Business

20 August 2012 2 Comments

Keeping business and home-life in check can be tricky, but thanks to a few top tips from life coach Margot Bloom, sometimes all you need is a tidy kitchen!

The true test of a successful business owner is the amount of time that they are able to take away from the business and not the time that they sit at their desks.  There is absolutely no merit in sitting at your desk if you are not being productive and it is proven that when we take time away from our business environment creativity is increased.

I have had several clients that were of the opinion that their stress levels were a direct reflection of their businesses success and therefore of themselves.  This stress level was also carried over into their personal lives.  I have actually heard what can only be described as two people battling to be the person with the most stress levels.  Be honest with yourself, have you done this?  Are you caught up in the hype?

Stress is not a badge of honour, it is not even necessary to sit in your office for 8 hours, it is even less necessary to work in front of the TV in the evenings.  Have you noticed that a new breed of celebrity business persons have popped up?  Have you noticed how they always seem to be away on holiday or attending celebrity parties?  I am sure you have and I am also sure that you have put this lifestyle down to the amount of money that they have in the bank.  An element of that is true, but in reality it is their business strategy that allows them so much downtime.  It is also that strategy that has enabled them to build their business into such enviable profits.

Here are some tips to changing your mindset around business and achieving some balance in your life.


1.     Organise your home

This is the key to everything – a messy home will dampen your creativity, it will set the tone for your day.  Having to rush around making packed lunches or hunting for shoes in the morning adds to stress levels and that stress is almost impossible to get rid of during the day.  It will affect the way that you think and the decisions that you make. Coming home to a pile of dirty dishes and ironing, means that your energy levels never have time to refresh and your brain is always working through a cloud.  Spend some serious time putting in to place a support system that will allow your home to support you and your business.


2.     Know your strengths

If the accounts take you several days of cursing and sorting out your website usually results in it crashing, you are wasting your time.  What could you do with the hours gained by hiring an accountant?  Take some time with your children or take on another client?  You are not only gaining hours but also reducing stress levels, which is great for productivity.  No successful business person would dream of doing everything themselves.  They have their finger on the pulse but it’s usually a synopsis and glanced at from their holiday destination.


3.     Delegate

Again I stress that a successful business person cannot doing everything themselves, the only way to maintain sanity and grow a business is to bring in more people, more brains, different perspectives and ideas.  The quickest and most cost efficient way to do this is to make use of freelancers, interns and possibly family members.  Also finding systems and software that does it stuff with minimal input from you.  If you are able to streamline day to day tasks, you are able to take time to create the next stage of your business and introduce more revenue streams.


4.     Schedule, schedule, schedule!

The only way to know what you should be doing at any given point in the day is to record it on a schedule.  Work out how long a task takes and put it in the schedule.  Sort out what actually needs to be done and what is just time wasting because you feel you need to sit at your desk all day.  Factor in time away from your desk.  Let people around you know that for instance you no longer work on a Wednesday and you can enjoy a day off doing whatever makes you happy and ready to jump back into the business on Thursday.  Also apply this principle to your personal life, things run a lot more smoothly when everyone knows what’s going on.


5.     Just be

Did you know that the world will not stop turning if you turn your phone off for a while or perhaps do not answer an email immediately?  There are days when it feels like walking through jelly and it on these days that we must listen to our bodies and take some time out.  These days will hopefully be less and less as the previous 4 tips are put in place.  There will obviously be some things that you absolutely have to do, get them done and then head for the sofa.  Just be still and quiet, listen to your inner voice and open your mind to possibilities that you have buried because the time wasn’t right or you didn’t have time.  These days, far from being the lazy days that they look like from the outside are in fact days when important ideas are formed and energy levels are replenished.



  • Wag Doll said:

    Great article with some good advice, thanks! I def can’t blog or sew when the house is a tip, it just stifles me! x

  • admin said:

    I agree – a clear carpet helps me have a clear mind!

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