How long do you brush for?

It took me a long while to clock on to the fact that if you were meant to brush your teeth for two minutes, it doesn’t work if you guess the time. It was only when we got a toothbrush with a timer that I worked out we weren’t brushing for anywhere near long enough. Since then, DS1 has been reliably brushing for the right time, and we’re working on it with DS2 who has a short attention span!

But, toothbrushes wear out, and toothbrushes with inbuilt timers are both more expensive and actually hard to find round us. So, I’ve now got an app to help the kids brush their teeth for the right length of time. It shouldn’t be a surprise that there is an app for this – it is a simple concept, but the delivery is just right so that DD, 10 and boys are convinced to brush their teeth alongside Talking Ginger.

This is a free app – although you can pay 69p for extra virtual toothpaste! Alongside the tooth brushing timer, you can help put Ginger the kitten to bed by assisting him on the toilet(!), showering him and giving him a blow dry. Ginger can also repeat phrases – in our house he gets to say things like ‘time for bed!’

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