Is Love Bombing the new way to improve your child’s behaviour?

If you have a child who often over-reacts, has tantrums or struggles with their emotions, you might be interested in a new book, Love Bombing: Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat by Oliver James. It offers a new method for parents to help their children.

Written for parents of children aged from 3 to puberty, Love Bombing (LB for short) puts the child in charge and enables it to feel loved. It helps parents understand what the child needs and changes the whole trajectory of the relationship. Whether the problem is mild, like shyness or underperformance at school, or whether extreme, like temper tantrums, hyperactivity or even Asperger’s Syndrome, LB can make a huge difference.

The method entails taking the child away from the rest of the family, for example by going to a hotel or B&B, for a concentrated period of love and control. It can be done for one or two nights, or in shorter bursts, like for a single day or just for as little as half an hour spread over the week. It does not necessarily require any financial expense.

“Because so many parents have periods of living very busy, or miserable or complicated lives, most of us need to reconnect with our children from time to time,” says Oliver James. “Love Bombing does the job”. He originally developed the method as part of his work presenting three series of parenting programmes on ITV’s This Morning. He adds “The success with LB is that it doesn’t only reset your child’s emotional thermostat but helps the parents learn, or re-learn, to understand their child’s emotional needs. It is something much more than just ‘quality time’, LB creates a zone where the child can be a toddler again, but this time it feels safe, valued and in control.””.

I found this an interesting concept: you can read more about it in this article in the Guardian, and we’ll be reviewing the book on Family Friendly Working in a few weeks.


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