It’s winter boots time!

It’s that time of year – the weather’s changed, and I need to change my shoes for boots.

Dd, now 10, has very definite ideas about what she wears: we’ve just got her a lovely pair of Blowfish boots, (see main image). Dd’s boots are soft and warm, we mail-ordered them and they came really quickly, so now she’s sorted I can think about what I might like in the way of winter footwear.

I still have a pair of smart full length black boots with a small heel, and some ankle boots with a heel that’s a bit too high for the school run, so a casual pair with flat heels would be my preferred options.

Unfortunately, Dd now also wants to veto my choice of footwear. I was quite inspired by some purple boots from Boden, left. I liked the idea of purple boots, so did a bit more browsing and found these purple Doc Martens, right. She said, “No!” I’m not quite sure why I can’t wear purple Doc Martens to do the school run!

Disclosure: we were sent the boots for Dd from

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