Top Five Unusual Sandwiches

by John Kasawa
by John Kasawa

Back-to-school time means back to packed lunches. So like good parents we try to give our kids variety to keep them interested in eating all their lunch while maintaining a nutritious diet. Easy, right guys? Right…? Guys?

Okay, maybe it’s not all that easy. So I took to Twitter to find a few less-than-obvious choices for packed lunch sarnies to avoid peanut butter day after day.

Ham, cheese and pineapple

Yes, it’s like a Hawaiian pizza in a sandwich, only it’s, well, cold. The saltiness of the ham is offset by the sweetness of the pineapple, and the whole thing is married by a creamy layer of mild cheddar.

Peanut butter, mayonnaise and salad

Nuts are sometimes used in salads, so it makes sense that it could be used to give a bit of additional flavour to a crunchy salad. Or you could think about it another way – adding a bit of healthy greenery to an otherwise not-terribly-nutritious sandwich.

Cheese, avocado, tomato and marmite

Perhaps for kids with a slightly more advanced palate, this very healthy sandwich is packed with vitamins. Did you know that avocado is high in fibre, B, E and K vitamins and monounsaturated (ie healthy) fat?

Chicken, mayonnaise and pineapple

Pineapple crops up again in this surprising combo. The addition of fruit anywhere is always a good idea in a kid’s lunchbox, especially if you have a picky child.

Salami and Doritos

So, maybe not the healthiest option available but perhaps a nice treat once in a while, putting some tangy cheese Doritos onto a sandwich is going to please a little person’s taste buds. Supplement with some fruit salad or vegetables for a more nutritious snack.

So there is nothing wrong with getting a bit creative every now and again. Sandwiches at lunch can be the highlight of your day – but usually not if it’s a soggy, boring sandwich that you’ve had day after day. Be bold when packing a school lunch! You might get a nice surprise.

Do you have any unusual favourite sandwiches? What is your best tip for a good school lunch?

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