Today I’m mainly eating party food…

Do you remember the book where all the mum ate was some sort of party food? I can’t remember which book it is, but I think I may join her. DH and I love the meals you can get from Cook, and their canapes are perfect supper time or TV watching snacks. Tiny Food Party - yum!

I’ve been reviewing Tiny Food Party! Bite-Size Recipes for Miniature Meals This is NOT the sort of tiny food that Annabel Karmel suggests for your little ones: the book has a distinctly grown up appeal. It is written by a photographer and a food stylist, and is the perfect cook book for you if you love your food to look ‘just so’. It’s not one for those of us who chuck everything into one pan and hope! I’m quite inspired, though, to start using some of these recipes. I know the kids and DH would love to try tiny home made pop tarts, or miniature 3 tiered Boston cream pies.

There are suggestions for menus for kids … but you might be more interested in the Tiny Cocktail Party section, with recipes for shooter glass cocktails – liquid Pineapple upside down cocktail anyone?

Like the other books I’ve reviewed from Quirk, The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook and Marshmallow Madness this book has a distinctive American flavour. I really enjoy cooking US-inspired cuisine, and have purchased some cup measures which will help you if you want to cook from this book and can’t be bothered to convert. With lots of the recipes, it’s super-simple as it is more  question of counting rather than weighing!



 The book is out just in time for the Xmas party season, and will be perfect for you if you’re tired of your usual recipes and want to create something fun and quirky.. From cocktail appetizers, pastries, burgers, soup served in mini pastry cups, sweet potato latkes, onion rings, quiches, crepes minatures, croquet madam, eggs benedict, pecan pie, two-bite cheesecake, cupcakes, tarts, and many, many more: feast your eyes, stomach, family, friends, guests on this mouth-watering range of mini delicacies!

Tiny Food Party! Bite-Size Recipes for Miniature Meals costs around £8.00 from Amazon at time of writing and is out on 25th October.

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