Become a Mumpreneur – You can do it too

Have you been impressed by the mumpreneurs you have seen on TV or in the news? Would you love to be able to run your own family friendly business but are unsure how? Many working mums and dads are stuck in inflexible jobs, and short of time for their family and themselves. If you have a job but want to work for yourself, here are some tips to help you budget to start your business:

Work out an ‘essentials’ budget, to see whether you could afford to give up work. Remember that you won’t spend as much money on fares, expensive lunches out and work clothes. If you are expecting a baby, look at other things that may change: you might go out less often once you have a new baby, but equally, babysitters can add to the cost of the evening when you do get a break. Think about the cost of childcare: if you work for yourself you will need different childcare to if you have an office job. Some work at home mums slot in work during evenings and nap time and get all day with their children while others swap playdates to get things done.


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