Review: Fizzy Milk Jelly

What stops you getting organised? I’ve been testing out the FizzyMilkJelly website to see if it will help me organised my life. FizzyMilkJelly is a site which offers all sorts of organisational tools, and if you take out a membership you can download lots of resources for no further cost.

What we loved about FMJ

  • FMJ is a fun site, beautifully designed.
  • It has oodles and oodles of resource sheets to help you organise all sorts of aspects of your life.
  • We liked the free 7 day eCourse that helps you bite of small parts of your life to organise each day.

What was not so good?

  • We had a few problems with the eCourse coming through – there were several days of delay between the first and second daily emails.
  • You have to have some degree of organisation already  to make the most of the site.
  • I’d have liked to see a list for camping holidays (just because that’s what I needed at the time!)

Overall verdict

Overall, we love FMJ. As a signed up stationary addict I relish the chance to print off lists and find funky folders. There are lots of freebies – try out the 7at7 programme or download a sample set of lists and see what you think for yourself.



Disclosure: I was given free membership to test out the website. 

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