Best Books for Christmas Gifts for Small Boys

I’ve been checking out some new and some classic children’s books. These have been tested out on my boys who are 3.5 years  and nearly 7 years old. They are both big book lovers, and these books have been very popular – I’d recommend any of them as Christmas gifts.

To start with, we’ve been reading some books that have been reissued to celebrate Quentin Blake’s 80th birthday. We love the quirky style of Quentin Blake, and Jack and Nancy, his second book ever, is a great example of a fabulous story that really taps into a child’s imagination. If you have ever dreamt of being swept away under a big green umbrella, this is the book for you! We’ve also been having fun with Quentin Blake’s ABC – no I is for Igloo or Y is for Yacht in there. Instead I is for the much more likely Illness, and B is for Breakfast in Bed! Quentin Blake’s Nursery Rhyme Book packed with quirky nursery rhymes and illustrations to capture the imagination. At less that £5 each, definitely include a Quentin Blake book in your child’s Christmas gifts this year.

Our next recommendation is Dinosaur (Igloo Books Ltd Multi Sounds Pop-Ups). J and K have really loved this noisy and informative book about dinosaurs. The images are bright and lively and realistic and each page is packed with pop-ups. My 6 year old says it is ‘Awesome!’ It would make a good Christmas or birthday gift for dinosaur fans from three to eight years old.
We’ve had several of these style of magnetic picture book before, and I know Rastamouse: Muddle Mystery (Rastamouse Magnet Book) is going to be a winner at Christmas for my three year old. Lovely bright drawings and a story that you can interact with make it a great gift. The magnets are easy for little ones to place – you just need to make sure they all go back in the holder once the story is over. A really good value lasting book.

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