Different ways to work and your rights

There are many different ways you can work. If you love your job, but just wish you had a bit more time with the family, why not ask to change your hours? You have the right to request this. Your employer does not have to change your hours, but does have to examine your request seriously.

You can ask for

  • a change to the hours you work, perhaps reducing the hours you do,
  •  a change to the times you work. You may want to drop off the children at schoolorto pick them up,
  • or to work from home, all or part of the time.

Heather has used the flexible working legislation to alter the hours she works as a computer programmer and computer support team leader. She says, “I had apply to my employer in writing with my proposal and say what problems I thought this would give the company and how they could get around them.  I knew I wanted to change my hours when my daughter started school so I gave about six months notice – plenty of time to train someone else to provide cover”. Heather now works from 7am to 2:30pm. She still puts in a 35 hour week, but is always there to collect her daughter at the end of the school day. Her husband adjusted his hours slightly too, so he can do the school drop off, and arrives at work for 9:30am. Heather goes on to say, “I love my new hours as I get to collect my daughter from school each day. My daughter gets some daddy time in the morning and mummy time at tea.  Holidays are more of a challenge, with a mix of annual leave, grandparents and school club. My hours do mean that I can have a half-day of leave and in fact finish at 10:30 – this means I only need someone to have her fora couple of hours”.


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