Media op: women with incredible adventure stories

Easy Living magazine is looking for women in their (30s/40s) who have been on an incredible adventure or done something completely out of their comfort zone for a really uplifting and inspiring real women feature.

For example, do you know…

*A woman who took a sabbatical to travel the world *A woman who has done something challenging/life-changing for charity *A woman who has been ‘on tour’ with a singer/band *A woman who has completely renovated an old wreck and designed her own home

* A woman who has learnt something completely new and/or dangerous

* A woman who had/is having an amazing, whirlwind romance

The feature will involve an interview and a gorgeous photoshoot with the woman. If you know someone who is interested, please send a photo, their age plus more info about their ‘adventure’ to me and I’ll pass it on – TODAY PLEASE.

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