How does video conferencing work?

Without the latest technology in your home or office, life can be difficult at times. You may find talking to your loved ones, clients or friends difficult, while performing even the most simple of tasks can be rendered more complicated if relying on something basic to help them out.

Communication is very important for everyone, and for anyone who wants to talk to someone with ease irrespective of location, they will need the best possible technology to hand. Powwow Now video conferencing is something that enables people to talk to one another with no fuss, but how does it work?

Video conferencing is, put simply, a form of phone call with a visual element. It lets one party talk to another, with the possibility of letting even more people with the right equipment get involved in one video conference, which makes collaboration a breeze for meeting-like situations.

If you want to use the Powwow Now video conferencing service, there are a few things you’ll need to help get you started. Firstly, you should have at least two video cameras or webcams, perhaps with a digital projector or whiteboard to make the images from your video conference call a little larger.

Having at least a couple of microphones is just as important. You should also have a set of speakers, a TV screen or larger monitor, a reliable internet connection, digital compression technology (codec) and a firewall that recognises video conferencing software. Anti-echo software is useful to for enabling clear communication.

There are two main strands of video conferencing that you should be aware of if using it for the very first time. Point-to-point video conferencing involves you conferencing with just one other camera – this is perfect for head-to-head conversations with clients, and can be done between different locations with ease.

Multi-point video conferencing involves more than just two cameras, but it will probably need to be enabled by a multipoint conferencing unit (MCU), perhaps by using a remote server. It’s possible to arrange a video conference without an MCU, but this can be tricky and needs more bandwidth to work effectively.

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