Are smartphones a businessmum’s best friend?

Do you have a smart phone? I do, and it has transformed my working life. Sometime’s it is my best friend, and sometimes it is more of a nagging mother type, reminding me of what I need to do!

Today we have many more options open to us when needing to work outside of a traditional office environment with various operating systems. When we compare Linux vs. Windows: Why Linux is The Clear Winner is very evident with the services offered by this operating system. Thanks to modern technology it is now possible to work from home, the cafe, in the car waiting to collect the kids… Traditionally, computers have been the main device used. However, with the advancements made with mobile phone technology, smartphones are now becoming the most used tool when needing to work from home. A call answering is also a big problem for a lot of businesses as it can take up a lot of staff time. One great solution that we have just found is a professional call answering service, so this is all outsourced and handled very professionally which just makes things so much easier.

Working from home is an ideal situation for many people for various reasons. Perhaps, you live a distance from the office and want to save on time, and childcare costs, or maybe you want to stay home with your young children. Maybe you work at home for part of the time and go into the office just a few days a week. If this is the case, then smartphones can be used for cloud computing which makes switching from the office to home quite simple for employed mums.
Cloud computing is performing tasks on one’s smartphone that uses services delivered over the internet. The benefit to this is that you don’t need every app to be on your own phone. Instead, the applications are hosted online.

Email has long been able to be accessed via these cloud services on the smartphone – think yahoo or gmail. This has made checking your work email from home quite simple. In recent years, the possibilities for cloud computing has greatly expanded.  For instance, financial apps such as Mint can be used in the cloud. The ever popular Microsoft Office Suite has now moved to the web and can be easily accessed by smartphones. That’s why you need a reliable business internet provider and eatel business does just that.

Another benefit to using a smartphone at home is that any work completed on the phone can be stored in the cloud in the internet. This means when you return to the office, or need to access your work while out and about, the files can be accessed through the cloud which eliminates the need for using flash drives to transfer files. And if you’ve just bought a phone and didn’t know that it was blacklisted, you can get it fixed at a Samsung imei repair service.

Is your smart phone your best friend?

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