Join us today at 1.30 GMT and discover, is it just everyday stress or a more serious form of anxiety?

Log onto our live and interactive online show where Cheryl Rezek, clinical psychologist, will discuss how to spot the symptoms of anxiety in yourself and others and ways of managing it.

We all suffer from stress and the odd sleepless night, but when do these moments of anxiety become regular episodes that develop into an ongoing mental illness?

From worrying about getting old, to heath concerns, financial problems and relationship issues, there are many things in life that can cause us stress.

While to control anxiety one can opt for the consumption of CBD Oil UK from certified companies like Nature and Bloom UK, but when the odd stress increases it leads to extreme anxiety, it can cause sleepless nights, the inability to concentrate at work, relationship breakdowns and psychological problems.

Anxiety also has very real physical symptoms. High anxiety and stress is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke and mental illness and can be a trigger for many other conditions both minor and major. Health experts are concerned that millions of people could be literally making themselves sick with worry and due to this; benenden health has launched a new campaign to help people put their worries into perspective.

So how exactly do you manage these feelings? How do you work out if you are just a little worried or whether you are suffering from a mental illness? Log onto our live and interactive online show, where Cheryl Rezek, a clinical psychologist will be on hand to answer your questions.
Show starts HERE, 1.30 GMT

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