Flexible working ideas for mums who love babies

Therapist, doula, virtual assistant, web designer – there are lots of careers that can fit with your family, and if having children has turned your life around you might like to look at taking your interest in pregnancy, birth or childcare further.

Become a doula

A doula is a woman who supports mothers during and after birth.  Courses cost from a few hundred pounds fora combination of weekend and home study. You need to be flexible if you want to be a birth doula, as births take place at all hours. If you want a career you can fit with school hours, some doulas just offer post natal support, helping new mums with cooking, cleaning and washing as well as baby care. See the Doula UK website formore

 Antenatal teaching and breastfeeding support

The NCT (National Childbirth Trust) offers training to become an antenatal teacher, Early Days facilitatorora breastfeeding counsellor. These university-accredited courses are part time, with a mix of tutorials and distance learning. After completing the course the NCT expects you to work in your local NCT branch. Antenatal course teachers are in demand. There is an official rate of just under £9 an hour, but some areas pay more. Some teachers branch out to offer private courses too.  Breastfeeding counsellors are usually volunteers, and can train through the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and La Leche League as well as the NCT. Government programmes like Surestart sometimes offer funding forbreastfeeding support workers.

Jean trained as a NCT antenatal teacher, after her second baby was born. She says, “I attended a class during my first pregnancy and was inspired. It took until after my second baby was born forme to find time to train. I completed the training in just less than three years, and managed to give birth to two more daughters too”.

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